EarthWorks – By Steve Mulligan

EarthWorks - By Steve Mulligan


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Photographs by Steve Mulligan

Steve Mulligan is a landscape photographer who is passionately in love with his subject. A resident of the American Southwest (Moab, Utah), Mulligan has photographed landscapes in his home state as well as in Kansas, Pennsylvania, and many other locations in the U.S. His work appears on many calendars and in his own publications. This volume showcases Mulligan’s black-and-white images, many from his home state.

From the Artist: “My love affair with the natural landscape runs on unabated, and continues to grow with every trip I take. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to explore and photograph the American landscape. These images are mute examples of my emotional reflections on the ghostly beauty of our natural world. I photograph to present my interpretation of the natural world. These prints are my applause for the beauty that surrounds us.”

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